BioBelt Mosquito Protection for
Domaine du Mas de Pierre

Domaine du Mas de Pierre is protected from mosquitoes
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For the reopening of Domaine du Mas de Pierre in the spring of 2021, we have installed a remarkable BioBelt mosquito protection device to ensure that our guests are perfectly comfortable.
We have been using this device for more than three years now, and we are delighted with it.
With the expansion of the estate, we have increased the mosquito barrier to protect the entire new Domaine du Mas de Pierre.

What is BioBelt?
The BioBelt mosquito repellent belt is a complete mosquito protection solution. Designed, patented and marketed by Dipteratech, BioBelt respects the environment.
It consists of a protective barrier composed of selective access modules that can protect extensive areas.
The device efficiency has been scientifically validated by a study conducted by the Nice University Hospital in collaboration with the IRD-CNRS of Montpellier.