Kids club

Children's paradise


Alice’s garden, The Children’s Club

This place is for children … Only children!

A club in the middle of nature planted in the forest to escape parents and let your creativity speak.

As in the best dreams, a 150 m² playground is open to children. A space to return to childhood, entirely inspired by the fabulous tale "Alice in Wonderland".

Mushrooms and magic cards to hide in, cups to turn on, a giant teapot to slide in : the whole fantastic universe of Lewis Carroll is reproduced here.

And for the bravest, the zany Cheshire Cat draws up its springs up to swing freely.

To accommodate children, three authentic trailers have been equipped with kitchen, bathroom and rest area.

And to please everyone, all the activities have been designed:
• cake and pastry preparations,
• reading sessions,
• introduction to gardening,
• salt dough workshops, jewelry creation, painting and drawing lessons, etc.

All organized with the help of professional animators.

Kid's Club Activities

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