History of the road of greenhouses

Small journey in the time in the discovery of Le Mas de Pierre
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Le Mas de Pierre is implanted along a narrow and sinuous gauge named the Road of Greenhouses. As its name indicates it, this road harmed formerly properties counting numerous greenhouses on their domain.
Most of the time, these were dedicated to the culture of fruits and vegetables for the agricultural production but also much more specifically to the culture of flowers.
To dedicate greenhouses to the horticulture was not a coincidence for the region of Saint Paul de Vence. In the 19th century, she was recognized for her production of flowers, particularly Rose and the Orange blossom, Intended for the manufacturing of flavors for the perfume shops of Grasse such as Fragonnard and Galimard.

Today, Le Mas de Pierre is still the only domain on the road of Greenhouses to have preserved in its gardens, the last greenhouse dedicated to the floral culture. At our home, we chose orchids, that you will have then the opportunity to notice in every corner of the hotel.
This greenhouse is accessible freely by our customers, where you will have pleasure in admire the various colors it. At the exit, you will be welcomed by our parakeets who extend in their own way, the spirit of a garden become exotic…