History of la Table de Pierre

Small journey in the time in the discovery of Le Mas de Pierre
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It is not the fruit of the chance if the restaurant of Le Mas de Pierre took the name of "La Table de Pierre". Among the memories that there is the former property on the ground of the hotel, are another well and small stone table. We can perfectly imagine the former hosts of Le Mas de Pierre settle down for their summer meal in a rural atmosphere there.
Today, La Table de Pierre took a totally different dimension, but lost nothing of its user-friendliness and the family spirit which reigns over these places for several decades already.

You will always have pleasure to taste a good meal for two, in family or between friends but in a more gastronomic context, with dishes there that the Chief will have taken great care to prepare you.
This small stone table did not fall into oblivion because it is always possible to you to organize a picnic in the shade of the big pine there.
As years pass, Le Mas de Pierre is transformed, but the spirit of division and the sense of the hospitality stay.