Yoga : Discovery stays “SENSATIONS by Eluxtravel”

Domaine du Mas de Pierre
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Make the experience absolute of well-being at the Domaine du Mas de Pierre, surrounded by 8 hectares of Mediterranean gardens, thanks to the "Sensations by Eluxtravel" stays.

It’s a new concept of luxury evasion focused on well-being, sharing, exclusivity and exchange. The stays developed bySensations by Eluxtravel are made of people in search of upliftment and happiness.

These wellness stays guarantee a change of scenery thanks to tailor-made and privileged activities with the benevolent presence of professional coaches in a high-end address and in every small group.


In this idyllic setting between sea and mountain,let yourself be guided through different Yoga practices ranging from meditation, breathing, dynamic flows and the discovery of Ayurveda.

Discover the 3 themes of our Yoga stays:
YOGA DANSE : Corporel and Freedom expression
KUNDALINI YOGA : Kundalini Art and Ayurveda
DÉCOUVERTE YOGA : Routine Yoga and Ayurveda

Discover our package « Sensations by Eluxtravel » et reserve your Yoga stay :

1. Free yourself with our stay "YOGA DANSE: Body Expression and Freedom"

Available dates :
• 05/05/2022 to 08/05/2022
• 02/06/2022 to 05/06/2022
• 08/09/2022 to 11/09/2022
• 10/11/2022 to 13/11/2022

Program & Reservation

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2. Let yourself be carried by spiritual energies through "KUNDALINI YOGA : Art Kundalini and Nature"

Available dates :
• 06/10/2022 to 09/10/2022

Program & Reservation

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3. Discover and initiate yourself to Yoga with our stay "DISCOVERY YOGA : Routine Yoga and Ayurveda"

Available dates :
• 19/05/2022 to 22/05/2022
• 21/07/2022 to 24/07/2022
• 29/09/2022 to 02/10/2022

Program & Reservation

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*Limited seating. Subject to availability. Prices do not include lunch and dinner.